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A posing guide photography handbook is a collection of advice on how to pose for photographs suited for the photographer and the model. This guide is essential for photographers starting in portrait photography to advance their portfolio. What should you look for before buying a posing guide?Accept Only the Best AdviceFirst, the guide should be written by a professional photographer with experience and a good working portfolio. It is easy to find this out by searching for the author’s name to see their websites and examples of work. Only choose a guide that is written by an expert in the field of photography to ensure that you are learning from the best in the industry.Essential TopicsSecondly, your posing guide should cover essential topics in portrait photography, including communication skills to use when handling the subject of the portrait. This information is particularly important for photographers who are just starting out in working with models. Knowing how to get the model to pose for you is a big part of portrait photography, so you need to learn to handle portrait models.Both Models and PhotographersAnother feature of posing guide photography books is that they contain information for the models themselves. The subject should get information about what the photographer expects from the shoot, what each instruction means and how to translate it into a good pose. It serves to assist many people who are always dissatisfied with their portraits to get them better prepared for their next portraits.Working with ChildrenThe guide should also contain advice on handling child portraits as kids are always encountered by portrait photographers. The guide should deal with the best portrait poses for children of different ages, with special attention to active kids who either don’t want to pose or those who are preoccupied with other activities to notice the camera. It takes a good measure of patience to work with kids as a photographer, using every available guide for their valuable instructions.Family portrait photography should also be covered by the guide, and this involves taking portraits of more than one person. A different set of photography composition rules are applied in shoots including many subjects, the most common of these being family portraits. You should be able to use the guide to create excellent quality family portraits to boost your skills and business.Look for these ideas and more in a posing guide photography handbook to learn more about taking portraits and getting your subjects to pose for you.