Can You Become Rich If You Take Photography As Your Profession? |

Do you want to be a professional photographer? If you love taking pictures then I bet you do. Isn’t it cool to be holding a big camera with a long lens connected to it and you are shooting events, artistic shots and what not?At the back of our mind however, we might be asking, “can I survive if I do Photography alone as my job?” Maybe you can but again you might be thinking, “can I become rich if I’ll be a professional photographer?”I remember the time when I was going with a professional photographer for a wedding shoot. We were inside the elevator with the bride and her maid of honor when they asked, “Is a photography business good?” Then the photographer said, “Well, you cannot actually survive if you do photography alone.” As someone who is dreaming to be like him someday, I was a bit discouraged for what I heard. I thought becoming a professional photographer is really great but why is it that this photographer said that you cannot survive out of it alone?In the Bollywood movie “Three Idiots,” there is a line that I can never forget. It says that choose your passion to be your profession and the work will become play. A student in that movie gave up his career in Engineering and he chose to be a photographer because it is what he wanted in life.I admit not every photographers are not given the opportunity to become rich. Some made it to the top, some are low, and most I think are in between the two. If photography is what you like to do in life, then I suggest that you just follow this passion and it will surely give you success. Whether it will give you more money or however not is up to you.But who does not like to make more money out of his or her passion anyway? Of course we do. And that’s where marketing skill comes in too. It is nice to be a very good photographer but without the knowledge in marketing, we might not make big amount of money. So if we want to make photography as our profession, we must also learn some business skills.I suggest that when we are still beginning, it is good to have another job first while building up our own career in photography (unless you’re lucky to have a day job as a photographer immediately). You can start by documenting small events among your friends and relatives. You can volunteer in documenting their son’s birthday for example and then give them a big discount. This will save them from spending a lot in hiring a professional photographer. Then from there, your career will soon grow as you continue it.The good thing nowadays is that photography business is not just limited in documentation, print and broadcast media, and others. Internet opened more ways on how to make money in photography. Stock photography is a very good opportunity for photographers to make money. This works by joining any stock photography websites and selling your photos online through them. You also don’t need to have a big amount of money to start in this business. Both amateurs and professionals also have the opportunity to join.So if you ask me if it is good to take photography as a profession, then I would say yes. But whether you’ll be successful or not still depends on you. All you have to do is be patient to work it out. Just like in any other career, it’s not an overnight matter to be successful. Just continue to pursue your career and don’t quit. If you fail now, just take that as a lesson to be learned to perform better. As a line in the movie “Three Idiots” says, “Just follow your passion… and success will soon chase you.”

Photography Camps – This Summer Learn More With Every Click |

The advent of digital cameras and high definition has made photography one of the most sought after professions and also a very commonly pursued hobby among youngsters. Cameras are everywhere – on our computers, mobiles and several other digital equipments. People are growing so fond of taking pictures that not a single special moment goes unpreserved.If your child, too, is one of those people who never like to leave home without their digital cameras, the best thing you can do to nourish the budding photographer in them is to encourage them to take up photography lessons. It would ensure that their summer is well spent as they’d learn new skills and have lots of fun too in the camp with fellow students. Imagine the bliss you’ll experience when your kid takes an excellent picture of yours with the touch of a professional photographer!Why choose a summer photography camp?To achieve dexterity in photography, there are specialized courses that aim at imparting the necessary skills of photography in you, but then, these traditional classes are mostly not designed keeping kids and teenagers in mind. On the contrary, a summer photography camp is tailor-made for your teen as it is meant especially for children looking for fun with knowledge during their long summer vacations. Today’s comprehensively designed summer camps also take care of your child’s other needs like meals and even overnight stays during the camp. Also, the fellow campers would be almost the same age as your child; this in a way creates an environment conducive to better learning, while ensuring that kids are not bored during the sessions.As summer camps are especially designed keeping young kids and teenagers in mind these impart learning from the scratch. So you don’t need to worry about your child being new to advanced technological stuff. A good photography camp, such as one designed by iD Tech, will guide your child step by step, gradually making him/her proficient in the skill.How to choose the right summer camp for your child?The two most fundamental aspects of a good summer photography camps are -1. Knowledge of latest gadgets – Good summer camps for kids and teens employ the best possible means to teach students. For instance iD Tech summer photography camps are designed keeping the best interest of students in mind. It uses the latest equipment so that the kids are up-to-date with the latest technology. The camera tricks taught in the photography camps are simple to grasp and offer splendid results when executed.2. A secure yet fun-filled environment – Make sure that your chosen summer camp keeps children’s safety is kept in mind. It incorporates fun-learning methods so that your child’s vacations are spent jolly well.Encourage your child for photography camp this summerGive your teen an opportunity to explore more this summer by making them join a summer camp on photography. Even if it does not make him a professional photographer, it will make sure that each and every one of your family photos turns out to be incredibly great. Besides, pursuing the hobby passionately will make your child a confident individual. So get set, it’s time this summer you gave a photography camp a thumb’s up.

Advantages of Low Angle Photography |

One of the most popular angles to shoot is from the photographer’s standing point of view. While is fine with landscape and other general purpose photography, it does not create high impact visually arresting images.Most of the professional photographers, who have mastered the art of photography by experimenting and self learning, produce stunning and engaging photographs that have been taken from low angle. In landscape photography, the foreground can be captured in detail when the photographer is really low and almost lying on the ground. You can always experiment with this style of photography by going low on the floor and take more engaging photographs.The bottom angle allows the viewer a fresh and different perspective of the same scene or situation. In many cases, this provides a vantage view of the location and allows the viewers to explore new perspective of the monument, landscape and sometimes events.In most of the digital point and shoot as well as D-SLR cameras it is difficult to get a different perspective as the photographer can not view the scene through viewfinder or LCD screen. However in the recent past, some mid-range and D-SLR cameras like Canon 600D and Nikon 5100D are equipped with tilt or swirl LCD screens. These LCD screens allow the photographer to view the scene by twisting / turning the LCD screen and keeping the camera almost or touching the ground/floor. In case, the floor or ground in not clean or dirt free, the photographer can keep a protective cloth or plastic sheet below the camera and shoot.A useful accessory, in low angle photography is a small sturdy table top tripod of about 6″ (15 cm) in height. This provides more versatility and allows the photographer to capture steady shot in low light conditions like sun sets, twilight etc.Another important accessory that can be used is a remote control or time release controller to take photographs. Once the camera is mounted on the small table top tripod, the composition is finalized and actual shooting can be done from a comfortable distance by using a remote control device. Most of the modern Digital SLRs are compatible with either third-party remote controllers or from their respective manufacturers.Low angle photography can also be used in events and parties that are organized at various occasions. One more advantage, of low angle photography is to capture motion blur of the dancers and performers on the stage. The low angle perspective gives a fresh view-point to the audience and adds to the overall excitement of the event.Capturing children at play from their eye level or lower is yet another advantage of the low angle photography. Photographing children from standing position results in awkward angles and gives a ‘head-on’ perspective. The facial expressions and the innocence can be captured very well when the photographer explorers, experiments and implements low angle photography. When you are clicking photographs of children during any event or function, be sure to go down to their eye level and capture the moments. This will create high impact images, that will have a lasting impression.In some cases it may not been possible to shoot at low angles, like crowded markets, street photography or travel photography, it is always worth the time and efforts in exploring this type of photography to gain new perspective and take the photography to the next level of expertise.